Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bureau 24 Invited To Googleplex

Google has invited CEO Keenan Daniels to the Googleplex. Keenan will participate in a meeting with Google team members on several Google products. Keenan has also promised to to ask a number of questions of the Google participants to gain some valuable insight for our employees and clients.

Bureau 24 currently provides management services to Adwords users. It is expected that along with the meeting there will be a training session as well. Now, how many SEO/SEM companies can claim that they have participated in training at the Googleplex?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Google Nukes Malicious Apps Remotely

Google found a number of apps for its Android OS running on popular phones that it didn't like. The malicious applications were cleaned out of its App store, then in a move to shock the malicious software to its core, Google hit a kill switch. Not just any kill switch but a switch that zapped the offending programs right off the phones they had infiltrated.

Many cheers go up. Though, we must ask what else can Google zapp remotely? How much of a backdoor is in this Android software and is it itself a threat?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Los Angeles SEO Company

Los Angeles SEO Company: "SEO or Search Engine Optimization means developing a web presence that is user friendly and search engine friendly. A true Los Angeles SEO Company is an expert at designing each page in such a way, that the site’s content will be thoroughly mapped and indexed according to the keywords that potential customers use when looking for your products or service"

Friday, February 2, 2007

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 is takes many of the features added haphazardly over the last several years and incorporates them into a product that has been totally redesigned from the ground up. The result is a powerful suite of programs that empower users to increase productivity, preform higher quality work and secure that work much easier.

Ease of use with Microsoft Office 2007 begins with the new ribbon navigation menu at the top of each program. this enables users to do what previously took maybe 15 minutes in just two to three minutes time. No more searching for the right item in the drop down menus as everything is one or two clicks away. The suites go further by pulling up quick menus of options that predict what you are most likely to do next. For example when you highlight text the text menu pops up giving you editing options. All these menus are fully customizable as well.

Microsoft office also adds a layer of protection to your documents by allowing you to restore previous file versions with ease. Thats important for anyone but especially in large office environments where multiple users may be editing the same document. No more accidental deletes!

Then you can use Meta data in documents, similar to the way many web sites use meta data for quick searches by search engines. This allows for extremely rapid searches of your documents on your computer or network.

When coupled with Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007 is a powerful suite of programs that will empower your company to do more and increase productivity, security and the quality of their work.

A Discussion Of Windows Vista

Recently members of our staff at Bureau 24 attended Microsoft's Launch event for Windows Vista. We were generally happy with the development of this new operating system. I should say that while we attended the event on the 30th that many of use had already checked the product out by using Microsoft's Trial versions and Betas.

So, should you upgrade to Windows Vista, absolutely. Though it may in fact follow the trend of Microsoft software and be full of problems until at least the release of service pack 1, we believe it is innovative and full of features that truly make it a must have.

What sort of features? Well for instance the Aero desktop which we recommend with a 256mb Video card is outstanding. It provides a fully transparent desktop and an ease of organizing and using multiple windows that is just plain great. A truly 3d representation of the desktop is available. Then there is the search feature available in the start menu. Simply type a few letters of the program you want to use and it pulls that program up immediately. Speed was excellent, though you do need a powerful machine with a powerful graphics card to take advantage of everything Vista has to offer. Microsoft recommends 128mb while Bureau 24 recommends 256Mb for best performance. We found the OS faster in almost everyway then Windows XP while doing two to three times more work.

Next are the back up and recovery capabilities of this operating system. Included on the client version of the software is a version of the previously only for server shadow copying system. It allows not only instant restore of deleted files but also one touch back ups of files and the entire disk drive. It is great and the data can be easily recovered from a image storable on a usb drive. Plus Microsoft has finally fixed their heretofore horrible encryption system to where it now provides a reliable level of security for sensitive data.

Plus I.T. pros will love the fact that the new operating system gets rid of the irritating job of keeping track of image files. Now installs can be easily handled on multiple machines and configurations without the need to allocate Terabytes of memory to image storing. You can even edit previously created images by adding or removing features for different hardware environments.

the advantages of Windows Vista are simple the OS will allow you to access data faster, do more work in a shorter period of time and secure your data better. All in all Vista is a huge step up from Windows XP and soundly superior to anything else on the market.